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Scrap Recycling of Insulated Copper Wires

Collecting and selling insulated copper wire is a large part of what we do here at Kurtz Metals. To give our readers a better idea of what goes into this process, we spoke to Burke Donnelly, who processes it all. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Decontaminating Scrap Metal

What we take in here at Kurtz Metals is scrap. But what we sell to our customers is a refined, raw material product. That’s not just a fancy change of words. One of the issues common with scrap metal is … Continue reading

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The Changing World and its Effects on the Scrap Industry: The Dollar

The most challenging aspect of buying and selling scrap metal is keeping up with changing prices. A metal can be worth one amount in the morning and another amount by the afternoon. That’s because the metal market is very volatile. … Continue reading

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A Responsibility to the Community

It is our responsibility—and our pleasure—to give back to our local community. We have the distinct honor of being one of the few businesses that gets to make direct contributions to the economy. The beauty of scrap is that it’s … Continue reading

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How Robert K Kurtz Establishes The Price For Scrap Aluminum

Robert K Kurtz Company buys scrap aluminum in three grades: sheet and cast aluminum, aluminum siding and aluminum mixed copper clips and extrusion. Each grade has a different price affected by supply and demand and the price set on the … Continue reading

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