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July 2nd, 2012 by

Buying and selling scrap metal can be a tricky thing. If you call us in the morning and then call us in the afternoon, prices may have shifted. There are also lots of variables to consider. Is the copper you’re selling coming from pipe or from wire? If it is wire, how much is insulation, and how much is actual copper?

Although it can be tricky, this is our business. We know it and we make sure we get you a fair price. To that end, we give you all the information we can. If you call us on the phone, we ask you plenty of questions to make sure we can give you accurate information. And if you have questions about how we grade and why we grade things a certain way, we have those answers for you. We also explain how to package and group the wire so that it’s easier for us to evaluate, an increase in efficiency that pays you a higher value. And if you’d rather not sort it, that’s not a problem, we’re happy to do it for you.

If you drive to us we’ll ask the same questions before you even unload your truck. We’ll tell you what we see and how we’re going to be grading it. The goal here is to be upfront and provide answers before you even go through the trouble of unloading your truck (and we’ll help with that too). If we don’t know how a piece recovers, we’ll take a sample and run it, and we’ll pay you for that sample. If you like, you can come back with us, watch us zero the scale and watch us weigh the metal you’ve brought. We’ll tell you how we’re grading it, and if at the end you’d rather not sell we’ll help you get it back on the truck.

Like we said, selling scrap can be tricky. So we’re glad to help you at every step of the way, and we’re proud to be people you can trust.