About Kurtz Metals

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Kurtz Metals is a non-ferrous scrap metal recycling company which has been supplying quality service to the recycling community in the Delaware Valley for more than thirty years.

The company is located outside Philadelphia in Trevose, Pennsylvania, in lower Bucks County. Kurtz Metals sets the standard for providing high value for the material it purchases, while providing quality, friendly service to its customers on an individual basis.

Kurtz Metals’ purchasing staff has more than sixty years of experience in the non-ferrous scrap metal industry, providing a level of expertise unparalleled in the industry. At Kurtz Metals, you can be sure that your business will be handled fairly and professionally.

Kurtz Metals is committed to ensuring that each customer who enters our facility is treated with courtesy and respect, and is satisfied with the individualized service that our professional staff provides.

It is this commitment to customer service that has allowed us to grow, becoming direct suppliers of various grades of non-ferrous scrap metal to an emerging global market. This growth has increased the market value for our customers’ non-ferrous scrap metal, ensuring that our customers will continue to get the most value for their scrap material.