Aluminum Scrap


Aluminum is one of the most abundantly used materials in the world. Aluminum recycling consists of everything from aluminum beverage containers, window and door frames, to structural material such as angles, pipe and plates. There are over sixty different aluminum alloys that are used today. The Robert K. Kurtz Company segregates them into seven main categories:

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  • Sheet grade consists of window and door frames and other structural grades of aluminum that may be contaminated with foreign material excluding iron.

  • Cast aluminum which is clean castings, such as grill lids, automotive rims and parts that are not contaminated with iron.

  • Aluminum clips and extrusions are structural base aluminum products that maintain low copper and zinc content while free of any kind of contamination, such as paint, iron, glue or any other foreign item.

  • Aluminum siding which consists of down spouts and gutters and other material that does not have an insulated backing to it.

  • Insulated aluminum wires of all types.

  • EC Wire which is stripped insulated wire without any iron strands

  • Aluminum turnings that are not contaminated with iron.