Scrap Recycling

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Copper is a metal that has diverse applications and has been used for thousands of years. It is also 100% recyclable.

For scrap metal processing it is broken down into several categories:


Copper Tubing or Bus Bar

  • #1 copper tubing is 1/16 inch thick and has no paint, solder, or other contaminants or attachments that would affect the recovery

  • #2 copper tubing may contain paint, solder, or other contaminants with a lower recovery rate

Copper Wiring

  • #1 copper wire, or bare bright, is clean material that is not tined or tarnished with a minimal thickness of 16 gauge and recovery of no less than 99.5%

  • #2 copper wire could be tined, painted, or enameled with a recovery of not less that 96%.

  • Insulated copper wires are graded on their content

Sheet Copper or Light Copper

  • #1 copper is new and shiny with no tarnishing

  • Light copper is used roofing or gutter copper that is not leaded and has a recovery rate of 92% content or better

  • Leaded copper is sheet copper with a coating of lead on it.