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Advice for First Time Scrappers

March 29th, 2013 by kurtz metals

We’re always glad to see new faces at Kurtz Metals. Scrapping is a great opportunity to take something you no longer need and turn it into something you do—cash. It’s recycling with a little something extra, and many people have made a lucrative hobby out of it.

One important thing to keep in mind is that while you may be dropping off what you consider waste, our customers are buying that waste scrap and turning it into brand new products. Metal is resilient, which is why it can survive multiple life cycles in the form of different products. But it still needs to be handled properly, both so we can provide top quality product to our customers, and so we can pay top dollar to you, our scrappers.

Making the most from your scrap comes down to two key actions: separating and cleaning. First, do your best to take stock of the different metals you’re bringing in. Keep copper with copper, brass with brass and so on. We pay different prices for different metals, so separating them out makes the evaluation process much simpler. Even if you’re not sure which metal is which, simply using color as a guideline can help you keep like metals together.

After you’ve sorted your scrap, do your best to clean it. What our customers are after is metal, and they buy by weight. Let’s take copper wire for example. Many times, the copper is insulated along with other metals inside of a plastic jacket. In addition, there may be staples and other mounting hardware that kept the wire in place. All of these extraneous materials add weight. If a customer buys 10,000 lbs of insulated wire from us and 9,000 pounds of that is copper, they pay a higher prices than if there’s only 6,000 lbs of copper in that 10,000 lbs of wire. Likewise, we pay more for that 90% copper scrap.

When you bring scrap into the Kurtz Metals facility, if we have the time we can separate it and clean it for you. But that time and effort on our part equates to a lower profit for you. It’s the same as any other business: you would pay more for a toaster oven than a set of parts that you had to put together to make a toaster oven. It’s not necessary that you do a professional job. If you take off the mounting hardware attached to copper wire, but leave the insulated jacket on, that’s a great start and means more money for you.

We’re always excited to see new faces at Kurtz Metals, and we’re even more excited when those new faces become regular scrappers.

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