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A Responsibility to the Community

July 30th, 2012 by Jacob Smith

It is our responsibility—and our pleasure—to give back to our local community. We have the distinct honor of being one of the few businesses that gets to make direct contributions to the economy.

The beauty of scrap is that it’s waste. It’s left over from manufacturing processes, and from above ground swimming pools that are being taken down in favor of bigger lawns, as well as a whole host of other sources. It’s something destined for the dumpster out back or the side of the road. And we can turn it from nothing into something, into cash that can be put to good use.

Having some extra money in your pocket is something everyone could use, especially now. Lately we’ve been seeing a more diverse group of people than has come to Kurtz in the past 35 years. And we’re always happy when we can lend a helping hand. We had someone come in, and use the money he received to fix up his truck, which allowed him to up his business. That’s how the system goes.

We open avenues that people might not otherwise have had, with resources they were likely going to do nothing with. And it is absolutely the best part of our job.

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