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The Evolution of Scrap Recycling

April 15th, 2013 by kurtz metals

The other day we had a customer come in to drop off scrap. When we asked to see his ID he was offended, but we are required by state law to check it. This law hasn’t always been in place. 20 or 30 years ago, scrap recycling was a much more informal business. It meant a couple of extra bucks here or there for whoever brought in scrap.

Today, scrap recycling is a business unto itself. It involves large amounts of capital, and provides a great many jobs. As such, the rules and regulations surrounding scrap recycling are much more firm, hence checks for ID. With the growth of the scrap recycling industry, attitudes regarding scrap recycling have evolved. In the past, it was a question of “Is this worth recycling, or should we just throw it in the dump?” Today the question has become “Why would I bring this to the dump when I can recycle it?”

Scrap recycling is part of a cycle of investment and return. For example, when you construct a building you install temporary wire. When you’re done with it, you remove it and bring it here for recycling, replacing it in your building with Romex wire. Ten years later, when that wiring needs to be replaced, you bring it here once again and get back some of your initial investment.

This cycle has helped build a community around scrap recycling. We have strong relationships with the businesses and individuals who sell scrap to us, as well as with the businesses we supply to. Together we form our own piece of the manufacturing landscape.

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