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Tough 1st Quarter to Hopefully Act as Catalyst

May 12th, 2014 by kurtz metals

As we all know, this past winter did not do much for the manufacturing industry. Particularly, in construction and material recycling. There has been struggle across most industries, however it looks like things have been beginning to come back around.

The winter months were particularly difficult for the metals recycling industry because there was not a lot of volume for us to work with. Since it was so cold, the amount of people outside working was zilch! Now that Mother Nature is fighting to give us a spring, we are hoping that this all turns around.

2014 is bringing Pennsylvania two new major products with the Comcast building and a new High Rise Luxury Condo.  Since these are the first major products that we have seen coming through, the thought is that we may see run off from these projects and that they may act as a catalyst for more projects to start popping up.

While it has been a tough first quarter, we are looking forward to seeing where the year takes us. Hopefully, the numbers will begin to come up and we can all start to strive again.

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